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Heart of palm & Mushrooms $10.00

On a bed of mixed lettuce. Heart of palm & mushrooms

Heart of palm $9.00

On a bed of mixed lettuce. Heart of palm, olives & parmesan

Pejibaye $10.50

On a bed of mixed lettuce. Roasted sunflower seeds, peach palm, ricotta.

La Diabla $12.00

Jalapeño pepperoni

Margherita $9.50

Cheese, Pomodoro sauce, basil

Marus $12.00

Onions, mushrooms, olives & avocado

Teto $12.00

heart of palm, peach palm & mushrooms

Jeanca $12.00

Tomato, pesto & parmesan

Maui $12.00

Goat cheese, cashew seeds & honey

Lourdes $15.00

Goat cheese, dry tomatoes & arugula

Lady Blue $15.50

Prosciutto, arugula & parmesan

La Mati $12.00

Ham, mushrooms & peach palm.

Mimi $12.00

Ham, mushrooms, heart of palm.

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